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Touch Bar


For MacBook Pro users, theTouch Bar can act as an additional pane in any app, and Sketch is no exception.Depending on what you’re doing in the app, the Touch Bar will display controlsand shortcuts that’s relevant to that particular context. There are severalmain views you may come across.

对于MacBookPro用户来说,触摸条(Touch Bar)可以作为任何应用的额外操作面板,当然Sketch也不会例外。根据你在应用中进行的操作,触摸条会显示与当前情景相关的控件和快捷方式。

Inserting Layers#


When you launch anew Sketch document, or you don’t have any layers selected, Sketch will displaythe Insert context so you can quickly get started. Simply tap on the tool ofthe layer you want to insert and begin drawing. Here you’ll also find Zoomtools to help you navigate your document.


Layer Selection#


With a shape layerselected, the Touch Bar gives you an overview of your selected layer’s style,as well as allowing you to quickly access its properties to edit the layer.Tapping on the Inspector icon on the far left of the Touch Bar will revealadditional properties:


Here you canchoose which field you would like to access to quickly move, or resize yourlayer from the X, Y, Width, and Height buttons. Once tapped, you’re ready tostart typing your new value. You also have the ability to rotate your layer, aswell as flip it horizontally or vertically.


Fills and Bordersare also displayed when a shape layer is selected, where they can be tapped toreveal their color popover. Here you can quickly scroll and select one of yourpresets, open the color picker, or choose a new color for your style, straightfrom the Touch Bar.


When a text layeris selected, some basic properties are available on the MacBook Pro’s TouchBar. Here you have options to access the properties pane in the Inspector, aswell as options to adjust the text color, alignment, and layer order.

选择文本图层之后,MacBook Pro的触摸条上会出现一些基本的属性。这样你就可以在检查器的属性窗口中调整文字的颜色,对其和图层顺序等。

Multiple Selection#


When you havemultiple layers selected, the Touch Bar will display controls that will allowyou to create a group out of yourselection, or you can align and distribute thoselayers.


If your selectionis comprised exclusively of shape layers, the Touch Bar will also display thefour boolean operations that can be usedto combine them in addition to the group and align tools.

如果你选择的都是形状图层,触摸条会显示四个“布尔运算(boolean operations)”按钮,可以被用来组合图层。另外还会显示图层或者组的对其工具。

Editing Shapes#


When you have ashape layer selected, you can tap the Edit button in the Touch Bar to enterthe vector editing mode. It’s here whereyou can manipulate the shape of your layer by adjusting the vector points thatappear. Each of these points can have a specific point type which willinfluence the outcome of the shape, and it’s these options that are availablein the Touch Bar—along with a Selection Tool to select multiple points.

选择形状图层后,你可以在触摸条中点击编辑按钮进入“矢量编辑模式(vector editing mode)”。在这里你可以通过调整出现的矢量点来操纵形状,这些点都可以影响形状的外观。对于点的操作方式你也可以在触摸条中找到。

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